Trinexum Resource Center

Smart Access

  • Smart Access Location/Installation

    The Smart Access program is located in the following location on your computer: C:\IBCDown. If you to launch t...

    Dec 04, 2015 03:46PM CST
  • Installing IBC Readers

    The wiring of the readers at into the computer designated to run your Smart Access system is typically done by...

    Dec 04, 2015 04:26PM CST
  • Smart Access Home Screen

    The Home Screen for Smart Access should always remain open on the machine that is connected to your access con...

    Mar 07, 2016 08:22AM CST
  • How To Add Your Readers Into Smart Access

    To add a brand new reader to your Smart Access system that has not existed in the past, you will need to first...

    Mar 07, 2016 08:24AM CST
  • How to Change Synchronization Time

    From the Smart Access Home Screen choose Maintenance > Change Synchronization Time, set the time you would ...

    Mar 07, 2016 08:25AM CST
  • How to Change the Maintenance Password

    To change the maintenance password for Smart Access, go to Maintenance > Maintenance Password.

    Mar 07, 2016 08:26AM CST
  • How to Update Webservice URL Locations

    From the Smart Access Home Screen, choose Maintenance > Webservice URL Locations. Below are the correct val...

    Mar 07, 2016 08:31AM CST
  • Translation Menu

    The configuration file for Smart Access (C:\IBCDown\smartaccess.xml) is an encrypted text file and stores the ...

    Mar 07, 2016 08:33AM CST
  • Running a Manual Card Reader Update Cycle

    Maintenance > Manual Card Reader Update Cycle is the menu item you will likely most frequently access. If y...

    Mar 07, 2016 08:13AM CST
  • How to Quit Smart Access

    From the Smart Access Home Screen, click Maintenance > Exit and enter your maintenance password.

    Dec 04, 2015 04:20PM CST

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