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How To Add Your Readers Into Smart Access

Last Updated: Mar 07, 2016 08:24AM CST
To add a brand new reader to your Smart Access system that has not existed in the past, you will need to first let the Trinexum Support team know that you are adding the reader, so that it can be properly set up from the back end of the system. The information our team needs for this set up is below:

- Reader # (if it is being added to an existing set up, it would be the next number in the sequence)
- VAC Station Name (This can be added by you in Trinexum under Back Office > Visual Access Control > VAC Stations and the standard naming convention is SA-ReaderNumber-Station Name, ex: SA-001-Men's Locker Room)
- Criteria for access - What will dictate who gets access? Ex: membership restrictions, age restrictions, gender restrictions, restrictions based on custom fields
- Schedules - Will you be using a schedule or set of schedules for the door, or will it be 24/7?

Once we have set up the information from the back end and you have created the VAC Station in Trinexum, you are ready to add the reader into Smart Access. You will first need to scan a reader # assignment card (whatever number you told us for the setup) and protocol in that order; the cards are attached here. The cards must be scanned reader # first and protocol second, or the reader will not be recognized by the system. After the reader is in protocol mode, you can launch Smart Access and go into Maintenance > Card Readers > Link Card Readers to VAC Stations. In this screen you will pick the Reader, VAC Station, and Membership Method to link together. You should see the corresponding # for the reader in each of these items, ex: Reader 001 - SA-001-Men's Locker Room - ScanFileMakerLib.GerneralDoor001. Once this link is complete, the reader will be visible on the Smart Access Home Screen.

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