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Where was the overpayment used?

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2016 12:07PM CST
Childcare Overpayment Account Details FAQ
How do I review overpayments that have come in for a child and where and when they were used?
  1. Go to Child Care & Camp > Management > Camp & Care
  2. Search for the child care participant
  3. On the participant’s record, click on the Account Details Quick Link (notebook paper with a magnifying glass)
  4. On the child’s Account Details page select the “Overpayments” bubble, which is listed in the various filtering options.
  5. Once the “Overpayments” bubble is selected you will see a list of all of the overpayments that have ever been made for that child care participant.  You will see a reference number, a Receipt number for the receipt where the overpayment was purchased, a date for the day the overpayment receipt was paid and a comments column.
  6. A plus sign will appear on the left of each of these overpayments if any portion or all of the overpayment was used.  You can see where the overpayment was used (the date and the item it was used for) by selecting the plus sign on the left to expand the row. 

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