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Why is one of our sponsors missing from the Child Care and/or Camp draft?

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2016 12:04PM CST
When you notice a sponsor is missing from your Child Care or Camp draft, check these places to first: 

Is the sponsor checked as “Primary” and is the sponsor marked as 100%? Is the sponsor's payment method for the sponsor set up as e-pay the draft in question (Child Care or Camp)?  
  • Go to Child Care & Camp > Management > Camp & Care
  • Search for the child care participant
  • Once you have the child care participant pulled up in Camp & Care go under the “Quick Links” under account connections on the left of the screen
  • Once you find the Quick Links section scroll through the list of icons until you find the red circle with a white star. If you hover over it you will see that it is the link to “Manage Participants & Sponsors”
  • Click on this Quick Link find the box with the primary sponsor’s name and you will see a small mouse icon on the bottom right hand corner of the box you will need to click.
  • Click the blue mouse icon in the bottom right corner to edit the sponsor’s information
  • Make sure the sponsor is set to Primary and set to 100% responsibility. Also check to make sure the payment method is set up as e-pay for the draft in question (Child Care & Camp)

Does the child care sponsor have e-pay information on file?
  • Go to Child Care & Camp > Management > Camp & Care
  • Search for the participant’s record
  • On the participant’s record, scroll through the Quick Links on the left side of the screen until you find the E-Pay Quick Link (wallet icon).
  • Once you click the wallet icon you will see the participant’s sponsor(s) information on the screen. Click on the small wallet icon in the bottom corner of the appropriate sponsor’s box to add or edit e-pay information. Use the drop down to select whether the e-pay information should be used for camp payments or credit card payments (you can put information in for both).  You will also have the option to copy the e-pay information from the sponsor’s membership e-pay information (if they have membership e-pay information).
Have the charges been posted yet? 
  • Go to Child Care & Camp > Management > Camp & Care
  • Search for the program participant
  • Once you have the child care participant pulled up in Camp & Care look in the Quick Links section of the record (on the left side of the screen) for the Account Details icon (papers with a magnifying glass).
  • Select the Date Range bubble at the top of the Account Details page and choose the date range that includes the due date of the posting you are attempting to draft. Once you have entered in that date range, click refresh.
  • Make sure that the posting is there on the due date you desire with the correct balance.  If there are no charges for the program or date of service in question then you will need to post charges for that child care participant.

Did you post the charges far enough in advance of the draft file being created?
  • For Manual Bank Draft and Manual Credit Card draft the charges must be posted before the draft files are created under Child Care & Camp > Management > Billing. 
  • For Automated Bank Drafts the charges need to be posted at least 2 days prior to the bank draft effective date.  For Automated Credit Card Drafts you have until midnight the day before the draft effective date to post charges.
  • Not sure how to check when you posted the charges?  On the participant’s Account Details screen you can hover over the due date of a posting and you will see the posting date.    

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