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Exporting to Daxko Reciprocity

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2015 02:29PM CST
Initial Report Set-Up

1. Under the Reports heading, select Better Decisions, then Ad Hoc Reporting
2. In Shared Reports, choose the Misc. folder and hover over the arrow in the actions column of the Reciprocity Report
3. Select ‘Modify
4. You may use ‘Modify Data Source’ to eliminate any membership categories that do not qualify for Reciprocity (Note that the report is set to include all active members by default)
    a. Click the Modify Data Source button
    b. Under the Filter tab, click Add Parameter
    c. For Column, select Membership Type and for Operator, select Not In List
    d. Click the magnifying glass icon to bring up a list of all membership types and select the ones that do not             qualify for Reciprocity, then hit OK
    e. Leave Ask in Report unchecked and Display this Parameter set to In a New Line, then hit OK on the                   Parameter Details window, and OK on the Modify Data Source window
5. Save the Report by clicking on the floppy disk icon above the report settings

Running Report

1. Under the Reports heading, select Better Decisions, then Ad Hoc Reporting
2. In Shared Reports, click on the Misc. folder, then click on Reciprocity Report
3. A new window will pop up with the beginning of your report
4. Click on the Excel symbol at the bottom of the page (If you get a timeout error on the export to Excel, this means you will need to click the CSV symbol to export to CSV instead)
5. Once the report opens in Excel, delete the two blank rows at the top of the report (CSV files will not have the two blank rows
6. If there are any blank cells in your report, the import will fail, so you will need to get rid of any blank cells
    a. In the Home tab in Excel, go to Find & Select and choose replace
    b. Leave the 'Find What' field blank and type NULL (or any comparable value, i.e. N/A, etc) in the 'Replace With'       field
    c. Click Replace All
7. Save the file
    a. Select File - Save As
    b. Choose a location
    c. Change File Name to (your) Client ID_Association Name
    d. Change Save as type to Text (tab delimited)
8. Navigate to the ftp site ( and upload the file

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