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Partial Refund

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2016 10:10AM CDT
Doing a partial refund is a multi-step process in Trinexum. The steps are outlined below: 

Part 1: Refunding the partial amount through cancelling the receipt. 
  1. Welcome Center > Transactions > Edit Transaction
  2. Select the item and click "Cancel Transaction"
  3. Select the refund method and enter in the amount that should be refunded, along with a reason (ex: was charged the wrong amount") then click Submit.

Part 2: Doing a partial refund cancels the entire receipt, leaving the amount that was not refunded in the revenue GL for the item that was initially purchased. 
  1. Determine the revenue GL for the program, membership, or other item that was purchase in the initial receipt by going to the program set up area, membership set up area, etc. 
  2. Create a credit type by going to Administration > Manage Credit Types and create a credit using that revenue GL.
  3. Go to Back Office > People > Manage Credits and look up the person who receive the partial refund.
  4. Click the plus sign to the left of Adjustments and select "Add Credit" as the Adjustment Type. Add credit from the new credit type that you just created for the amount that was not refunded. 
  5. Click Submit to transfer the funds out of the revenue account for the program or membership and into online credit for the individual.

Part 3: Re-enroll, Re-post, or re-join. 
  • If the receipt cancelled was an initial registration in a core program, you will need to re-register them for the program and use the online credit to pay the balance. If the cancelled receipt was a later payment on an outstanding program balance they should still be on the roster, so you would just want to use the online credit toward that balance.
  • If the receipt cancelled was for a Camp & Care posting, you can either remove the original posting and re-post at the correct rate and use the online credit to pay, or use the online credit to pay part of the balance and write off the rest. 
  • If the receipt cancelled was a membership purchase, the individual will now be a non-member. You should re-purchase the desired membership and use the online credit to pay for it. 

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