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Last Updated: Mar 30, 2015 08:54AM CDT
Redemption - you can search by Category or Participant. If searching by Category you can also select the Branch, Category, and Package name(s), and date range. Depending on which option(s) you select (Detailed, Include Redeemed. Filter by Resource, and Sort by Resources) the exported information will vary. Selecting Detailed will give the following fields: Receipt #, Branch, Category, Resource, Package Name, Package Details, Income GL, Purchase Date, Date of Service, Amount Charged, Amount Paid, Tax Paid, Total Paid, Sessions at Redemption, Value of Session, MID, Participants First Name, Participants Last Name. Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip, Home Phone, Work Phone, Cell Phone, Email Address, Employer, Redemption User ID, Redemption Date, Status, Edit Date, Edited By, Cancel Reason. 

Unredeemed Services Report - this report allows you to select branch, category, and package, as well as a Start Date and End Date. This report shows the following fields: Tracking #, Branch, Category, Package Name, Member ID< First Name, Last Name, Amount Charged, Tax Charged, Total Paid, Purchase Date, # of Sessions Purchased, # of Unredeemed Sessions, Amount in Unredeemed Services, Income GL, Aging Days, Cancel Reason. 

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