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Last Updated: Sep 21, 2015 11:51AM CDT
Access Financial reports through Reports > Financials 

Credit Card
  • Daily List - allows you to see all credit card transactions for a selected date including card type, tokenized card number, authorization number, receipt number, name, status, and amount.
  • Expiring Credit Cards - shows credit cards expiring within a 1-12 month period of a selected start date. Includes member ID, name, address, phone numbers, email address, preferred method of contact, branch name, membership type, payment method, next bill date, card number, card type, expiration, card address, and card zip code.
  • Errors - shows credit card errors (meaning the transaction is valid in PayPal but not showing in Trinexum) and includes the option to refund the money to the credit card. The data included is the credit card transaction ID, name, address, zip code, date, reference number, and amount. 

  • Expired - allows you to search for online credits based on how many days until they expire (or if they have already expired). The report shows the expiration date, family ID, name, and total credit.
  • Reconciliation - shows branch, family ID, billable name, and available credit amount for each individual that has online credit. You can filter by branch and thru date. The detailed report includes the index number, offsetting GL information, the date the credit was given, the credit expiration date, and the reason for the credit. 

EPay Income Report - shows the income received once an E-Pay draft is finalized. The report includes the branch, type of draft (credit card or bank), the GL Account, the total number of drafts, and the income amount. 

Exe Shift - this report shows the shifts that were closed on a chosen date. The report includes the user ID, date, shift number, and the amount of cash, check, credit card, in kind, and PayPal payments received as well as the total amount. The detailed report shows the same information as the Shift Closeout report through Welcome Center -- it has more detail about each item sold and who purchased each item. 

General Ledger
  • Shift Closeout - this report allows you to manually pull a shift closeout report based on the date, branch, user ID, and shift number. A detailed report can be run. 
  • Standard - allows you to see all transactions and filter by branch, from/to date, revenue/receipts, transaction type, portal, payment method, and GL account. The report shows the GL account, date, cash, check, credit card, E-Pay, in kind, PayPal, and total transaction. Clicking the plus sign to the left of the GL Account expands and gives more detailed information about the revenue/receipts. Creating the detailed report includes all of the above information in Excel or a printable format. 
  • Master List - the GL Master List shows the branch associated with each GL, the GL Account #, the Transaction type it is linked to, the Description, and any additional information. It can be filtered by branch and type. 

Gift Card
  • Audit Trail - this report allows you to filter by date range, branch, transaction type, and card details. The report gives the transaction type, receipt #, tracking #, transaction date, member ID, name, gift card #, gift card type, gift card value, credited amount, debited amount, credited GL #, debited GL #, gift card current balance, additional information, and transaction status. The detailed report gives more information about the card purchaser and the card, including whether or not the card is active, the service fee information, and expiration date.
  • Balance - this allows you to swipe or type in a gift card number in order to see the total balance on the card and other details including sale and redemption information. 

Membership Transaction - this report allows you to search by branch and member ID or name and date range to see various membership related transactions. The report shows the member ID, name, membership type, received date, amount, tax, and total payment. 

NSF - shows returned check information including the branch, member ID, name, personal information, original transaction date, description, invoice amount, sales tax, service charge, total due, bank name, check number, reason code number, reason code description, due date, NSF date, email, and preferred method of contact. 

Payment History - this report allows you filter by member or core program. Reporting by member will show all payment history within the date and transaction type filters you apply. Reporting by core program will show payment history for that program for each participant. 

PayPal Manager - this takes you to the PayPal Manager login page. 

  • Aging - sort by branch and transaction type to see receivables aging sorted by family ID and including primary contact information, the person charged for each balance, the last payment information, branch, the amount charged, and the days past due for each transaction, and the total amount due. 
  • Export - this report shows receivables still outstanding and the days past due for each.
  • Statements - search by member or by "A'll" for receivables. Filter by date and transaction type. This will generate printable statements for your members. 
  • Write Off - this report will generate an Excel spreadsheet showing balances that were written off or transferred, searchable by date, transaction type, and member. 

Refunds Manager - shows refunds to Offline Payment by Member or by "Show All." You can mark here whether am offline payment refund has been processed.

Sales Tax Reconciliation - filter by branch, transaction type, and date range to see a list of transactions where the tax was applied. Does not include purchaser's name, but does include other transaction details like receipt number and tracking number.

Sales Tax Transaction - this reports shows all transactions where sales tax was charged based on filtering by date range and branch. It shows the person who made the purchase and the transaction details.

Subsidy Management
  • Subsidy Activity - filter by date range, transaction category, subsidy type, and a variety of other details. This report shows individual transactions that a subsidy or scholarship was applied to and the invoice date, purchaser's name, contact information, the amount charged and the amount of hte subsidy, as well as the subsidy type and other subsidy details. 
  • Subsidy Expiration - filter by date, subsidy type, and whether or not the subsidy has an expiration date. This report shows individuals who have a scholarship or subsidy applied to their account. It shows the subsidy enter date, start date, and expiration date. It also includes the person's contact information and other subsidy details (% or $ amount and any subsidy notes). 

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