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How to put programs on the HUB/Self Service Portal for registration

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2016 03:47PM CDT
Cycle Settings
  1. Administration > Program Set Up > Manage Cycles
  2. Select the desired Cycle and click Submit. 
  3. Check Set Current Cycle? and click Save.

Category Settings
  1. Administration > Program Set Up > Manage Class Categories
  2. Select Core Programs and the desired Category and click Edit. 
  3. Check Enable Self Service Portal and click Save.

Program Settings
  1. Administration > Program Set Up > Class and Programs
  2. At the class level: Make sure the class is Active and enabled for Self Service Portal or Both Portals. Select a thumbnail image and make sure there is a class summary, as both of these items will appear on the HUB/Self Service Portal. NOTE: There is no need to include the age in the class name as the min/max ages are very obvious when browsing programs on the HUB or Self Service Portal.
  3. At the session level: Upload required documents so that HUB/Self Service Portal registrants can print off the documents, fill them out, and bring them to the program. 
  4. At the item level: Select Open Both Portals and, if deposits are allowed for the program, select Both Portals from the Deposit? drop-down menu. 

For Self Service Portal users only:
  1. Go to Administration > Program Set Up > Self Service Portal Layout
  2. Select the Branch, Program Type, and Category and click Submit 
  3. Click 'Add New Class Group'
  4. Name the group
  5. Using the gray arrows in the middle, move the desired programs for that Class Group from the list of programs that are Available to the list of Selected programs. Click Save. 

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