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How to merge two individual records

Last Updated: Mar 17, 2016 09:43AM CDT
In Trinexum there is no way to “delete” or “remove” records but there is a way to clean up duplicates and we’ve got all the tools needed to take care of those pesky duplicate records! 

There is a report that can be used to identify possible duplicate records and works perfectly for facilities who are starting clean-up efforts in their database.  That report is called the “Duplicate People Search” report and is located under Reports > Membership > General.  With this report you can search just for duplicates in the Non Member records, just in the Member records, or you can search in all your people records. Once this report is exported to Excel the First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, contact information and Membership Type will be visible. Having this information will help in finding out who is actually a duplicate (because they have a different date of birth and address) and who just has a similar names. 

Once you have identified your duplicates it is time to merge the two together to make one.  This process is called “ID conversion” and is done under Back Office > People > ID Conversion.  There are several rules with ID Conversions that staff need to make sure they understand before starting this process and they are as follows:
  • ID conversion is irreversible (Once the two records are merged together there is no way to split them back up again and the departing record is permanently gone)
  • You cannot merge a Member into a Non-Member
  • You cannot merge a Member into a Member
  • You cannot merge a child care record into a non-child care record (a child care merge will need to take place first)

The steps outlining the ID Conversion process are below:
  1. Back Office > People > ID Conversion
  2. Search for the record that you want to get rid of (its information will merge into another record)
  3. Click on the member ID in the far left column next to the appropriate record
  4. Then search for the individual whose record you would like to merge the first record into and click on their member ID
  5. Click Submit
  6. You will then see a review of which IDs are going to be merged. Click Continue to complete the process.
  7. Once the conversion is completed, you will see a screen appear that states that the record have been updated successfully. 
  • Payment history gets merged and will display on the Past Membership Information tab in People & Families. Both VAC cards will remain in the VAC system, so to remove the old VAC card you will go to VAC Admin > Remove Member in the VAC program. 

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